Memorial Day – July 4 Challenge: The Results Are In

On Memorial Day my friend JoAnn and I each bought a pair of one-size-too-small pants. We set a goal of being able to wear them by July 4. Were we successful? Let’s hear from JoAnn first.

JoAnn’s Results, Straight From The Horse’s Mouth

Here we are … 4th of July and the day of reckoning for the Memorial Day to 4th of July “One Size Smaller Challenge.”  It’s with mixed emotions that I announce that THE PANTS ZIP AND BUTTON!  Yes! But I feel torn.  Although I can heave them up and over, hold my breath just right and quickly yank them into place, I really wouldn’t venture out of the house in them.  Well, I could, but I couldn’t go anywhere that involved sitting in any form.
I’m not sure why I am feeling negative about this accomplishment when only five weeks ago I had just purchased the original pants (a size larger than the challenge pants) and was THRILLED when able to fit into those.  Last fall when shopping at Old Navy, I was even a size larger than that!  So, in total, these challenge pants are three sizes smaller that my former size.
This challenge has been really helpful to me, allowing me to take the focus off the scale and concentrate on other measurables.  My exercise increased dramatically over the challenge period, walking two miles most days (missed a Saturday here and there) and doing at least 30 – 45 minutes of toning exercise three to four days a week.  With the exception of what I refer to as “the lost weekend,” I stayed pretty much on track with the eating, focusing on Tilapia and chicken, salads and other healthy veggies, and  limiting myself to minimal servings of breads and sweets. As an added bonus, my weight is down 8 lbs since the challenge began.  Wish I’d have taken the measurements.
Thanks, Pam for issuing this challenge!  I look forward to what she has in store next.
Editor’s Note: I think JoAnn did fantastic and I don’t know why she isn’t more excited about her results. She’s being weigh to hard on herself (pun intended).

My Results

Sadly, I need to lose about 1/4 inch in my waist in order for the challenge jeans to button. But I won’t call my effort a total loss. When I bought the jeans, I could not get them over my hips, so for them to now be only 1/4 inch shy of buttoning, I know I’ve toned up quite a bit. In fact, since beginning the challenge I’ve been on the receiving end of several “Have you lost more weight?” inquiries.

This challenge taught me that I do well with mini-goals. Yes, I’ve been on a two-year journey to get in great shape by the time I turn 50, but two years is a long time for me to stay focused and I sometimes found myself losing sight of the goal. To that end, I’ve designed another six-week challenge, which I began today.

More on that in a future post.

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