Ready to Embrace Success

I’ve been playing with the same five pounds for the past few MONTHS. Lose a couple; gain a couple. I was so close to hitting the 100 pound mark, I allowed that potential milestone to play with my head. Perhaps it was a fear of failure…or a fear of success. I think I needed time to process the physical and emotional changes I was going through. Yet at the same time, I knew that I needed to lose more weight in order to train for my first marathon. Needing to lose weight for the marathon was also causing me to get stressed out.

My solution was to try to take my mind off of the scale while continuing to eat clean and train. I wanted some sort of measurable goal that wasn’t related to the number on the scale. That’s why I created my “one size smaller” challenge.

A funny thing happened when I took my focus off of the scale: I started losing weight. I’ve just returned from Weight Watchers. I lost 6.2 pounds this week. This represents the last bit of those pesky five pounds I’ve been playing with, plus an additional three pounds. I’ve lost 97 pounds total.

The past few months have served a purpose. I’ve done a lot of mental and emotional processing even though my physical recovery hasn’t moved forward. For today, I’m not fearful of entering into triple-digit weight loss territory.

I’m ready to embrace it.

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