The Memorial Day – July 4th Challenge: An Update

You may recall my friend JoAnn and I have challenged ourselves to fit into pants one size smaller than our current size by July 4th. Our challenge began on Memorial Day. With a bit more than one week in, how are we doing? Here’s JoAnn’s report.


For week 1,  I dramatically increased my exercise, walking two miles a day for five out of seven days. I also alternated using my Jane Fonda cassette (30 minute) with another of my fave workouts from the 1980s, the Callenetics 60 minute VHS regime, getting four of these programs in over the past seven days.

From a meal perspective, Tilapia has become a household word, and actually I am enjoying it!  I’ve focused on eating fish and chicken, plenty of fresh veggies and a modest amount of fruits (carbs).  With the exception of a few burps, I consider this week to be a great success.  Not from what I see on the scale, but  from the changes I’m slowing experiencing in my mindset. I had been so focused on wanting ONLY the scale number drop. I’ve lost almost 40 pounds over the last few months and my weight loss has slowed down. The disappointment of the super-slow scale movement had been discouraging to me.

Taking the focus off the numbers and placing it on a reasonable short-term goal is very encouraging.  Thanks Pam, for the great idea!

Can’t wait to check back in next week!

Editor’s note: JoAnn and I talk several times a week. Since beginning this challenge she’s been almost impossible to reach. The past three times I’ve tried to call her, she’s been exercising. Puleeeze!


With the exception of one meal, my nutrition has been super-clean. I’ve not been able to exercise since Friday due to the sinus infection you are by now sick of hearing about. So any successes I experience in weight or inches lost will serve to prove the point that weight loss is 80% nutrition 10% exercise and 10% genetics. If I didn’t feel so sick from the infection, I think I’d feel great from eating so clean!

So, that’s our report. Wish us well as we continue to challenge ourselves.

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