Grateful for Yesterday/Hopeful for Today

I’m continuing to nurse a big ol’ sinus infection. Yesterday hubs went to church while I stayed home in order to get some extra rest. In other words, I had three hours of alone time.

I can remember when alone time meant binge time. If I didn’t have the necessary provisions in stock, I’d drag my sick behind to the grocery store to get them. I’d devour everything purchased before hub’s return.

Thank God (and I mean that…I really thank God), it’s been years since alone time automatically meant bingeing. Yesterday I did enough light housework to feel accomplished while keeping boredom at bay. I later dragged my sick behind to the store, but only because I was too miserable to go on Saturday. I purchased what was on the weekly shopping list…no extras. My five mini meals consisted of healthy stuff in appropriate portions.

My health and wellness routine is a “one day at a time” deal. I’m grateful for the accumulation of many yesterdays that have resulted in a significant weight loss, or as I prefer to call it, physical recovery. And I begin today feeling hopeful regarding the 24 hours before me.

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One Response to Grateful for Yesterday/Hopeful for Today

  1. Awesome! I hope you are feeling better.

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