My Memorial Day – July 4 Challenge

Technology has not been my friend today. I pal and I recorded a video on my Flip camera to share here. After two and a  half hours of piddling with the file, I discovered WordPress won’t accept the file format.  Sigh. I’m posting the video to my Facebook page and will place a link at the end of this post. Wish me luck with this workaround.

Anyway, as I mentioned yesterday, I thrive under brief, intense goals. Also, as I near the milestone of achieving 100 pounds of weight lost, I’ve allowed that number to “get in my head.” I believe I’ve sabatouged myself over the past few months. Perhaps I’m experiencing a fear of success. Continued processing will help me discover what that’s all about. In the meantime, I need to continue to make improvements in my fitness level as my first marathon looms before me.

I’ve created a challenge for myself that doesn’t have me so focused on the number on the scale. My friend JoAnn is coming along for the ride.

Here’s the link to more info on our fitness challenge. Click here.

OK, so now you know what we’re up to. Want to challenge yourself? Post your plans in the comments section.

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