Finding a Cure for Terminal Uniqueness

I am training for my FIRST full marathon.

I have a training plan that was written by a well-respected running coach.

I have a friend who is coaching me. She has run marathons and has coached countless first time marathoners.

This week I found myself questioning the number of miles prescribed in the training plan. I didn’t feel as though I was running enough. I shared this brilliant thought with my coach. Naturally she disagreed. After a few minutes of listening to my bickering, she said, in an exasperated voice, “Hal Higdon wrote your plan. I believe he knows a bit more about marathons than you do.”

Point taken.

I’ve now surrendered to my training plan and I am running the number of miles prescribed for each training session. No more. No less. But more important than following my training plan, I’ve made a discovery: in some areas of my life I continue to be someone who questions proven, workable methods  for achieving success. I continue to believe I suffer from terminal uniqueness. Why else would I feel the need to log more miles than suggested by a professional running coach, author and lecturer?

This discovery means I have work to do. Let the peeling of the next onion layer begin.

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