Pam’s In Training

This week I transitioned from talking about training for a marathon to….training for a marathon. My 18-week training plan started on Monday. For the first six or seven weeks I’ll cover distances that are pretty familiar, except for the fact I haven’t been running six miles on a weekday…before going to work. Once I’m in Week 8 I’ll be in new territory: 15 miles. The most I’ve ever run is 14.25.

Even though I’m currently running mileage that’s similar to my half marathon training, just knowing I’m now 18 weeks from my first marathon has completely changed my mindset. That hand-full of crackers that were ok to eat three weeks ago are now off limits. Last night hubs and I had hamburgers for dinner (made at home, not fast food). Hubs ate fries. When I commented I wanted fries but would have a small spinach salad he responded, “Well, you’re in training.”

Plenty of marathoners have warned me about how difficult this journey will be. I know I’ll have days when I’ll wonder why in the world I thought running a marathon was a good idea. But today I’m pumped about working on a goal that only a few years ago I’d never have attempted.

Today, I’ll just enjoy my ignorance.

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