Increased Accountability

Last week I found myself eating things I normally don’t touch. I ate chicken tenders and fries while dining out with friends (instead of the tilapia I normally  order at that restaurant). Another night, tired from a long day, I rolled into a drive through. Let’s just say I made a run for the border. Needless to say, I didn’t track my Weight Watchers points on those days. And it goes without saying I gained a pound or two (not that I went to the WW center to find out. Rather, I checked my weight on my home scales and came to this determination).

Clearly I need a more intense level of accountability, at least until I’m firmly back on track. A health adviser of mine suggested I email my food journal to someone. Enter friend and marathon coach, Lynn. I asked Lynn if I could email her my food choices at the end of each day. She knows the WW program like the back of her hand so I figured she’d be the perfect choice to receive my journal each day.

As Lynn considered my request, she asked, “Are you going to be honest with me?” Ouch! I assured her I would be. The beauty of being accountable to Lynn has less to do with her feedback and more to do with my willingness to be honest with another person. I can keep a food journal until the cows come home, but by taking this additional action someone…besides myself…knows when I made good choices and when I didn’t. I explained to Lynn that I don’t expect a response from each day’s email. It doesn’t matter to me if she even reads the darn things.

What matters is I’ve put in place a system of accountability. It’s about being honest.

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