I’m tired, I’m hormonal, I feel bloated, I’m starting to take allergy medicine, my knees ache for some reason…oh, and I have a half marathon this weekend. I don’t even have enough creativity to write a decent header for this post. I sound like Roseanne Roseannadanna and I’m getting on my own nerves.

You can imagine how much I didn’t want to run on Sunday and Monday. I had a six-miler scheduled for Sunday and a three-miler yesterday. Both runs were torture. I felt like I was running through ankle-deep mud. I was slower than slow.

But that’s really a matter of perspective. I was very disappointed in Monday’s run time until I realized that I ran each mile 20 seconds faster than times I was posting a month ago. In other words…now, when I run disappointingly slow, I’m a little faster than I was two months ago during “good runs.”

I hope to feel better by Saturday. But now, for the sake of all concerned…

I’m going to bed!

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