Wearing Down Coach

I recently reported that friend and coach Lynn has tweaked my workouts. While not happy about being required to stay with three runs per week instead of my desired four, I was willing to comply. As Lynn and I were arguing negotiating, I made the point that I get the best calorie burn from running and that I want to continue being in weight loss mode before I begin serious marathon training. She maintained her opinion that I should run three times a week, and round out my training with weight lifting, spin class or swimming.

And then something miraculous happened. Lynn changed her mind. A few nights ago my phone started pinging with text after text. “OK, you’ve convinced me. I’ve been thinking about your four/week runs as opposed to three/week. I really think you’ll be ok provided you rest on Fridays prior to your long runs on Saturdays…now is the best time to work on losing more weight which will be a benefit to your training in a lot of ways. So, I agree with your plan to take your running to four days a week…I’m so used to working wth new runners. I forget you’ve been doing this a while and your body has gotten used to running and impact.”

Success! I wore her down.

This is my first week to run four days.  I tried to run four days per week before Lynn imposed her three day rule, but we’ve had a lot of snow and ice here and I just couldn’t get it done.

I’m grateful to have a friend/coach who is so open-minded and willing to work collaboratively with me.

I wonder what I can talk her in to now.

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