Back In The Game

This morning I was back at the YMCA. Just driving to the Y made me feel better. Once there, I learned friend and marathon coach Lynn had issued an All Points Bulletin for me. She found me on the treadmill just as I was about to begin my run. She seemed relieved that my fatigue and funk from the last two days had begun to lift.

It was a great day to be at the Y. As I entered the locker room to store my gear, an acquaintance who is kind enough to read this blog complimented me on some recent weight loss. Bless her! I was feeling heavy and gross from not working out. She has no idea how her comment made my day.

Following my FASTEST FOUR MILES EVER ON THE TREADMILL and shower, I chatted with another acquaintance as we were drying hair and slapping on make-up. For some reason I started blabbing about the last two days and how funky I’d felt. She admitted feeling the same way. We had a really great talk and the next thing I knew we were exchanging phone numbers. We vowed to support each other when we hit those bumps in the road.

On my way out of the gym one of the employees commented, “Pam, you are getting so thin, it’s unbelievable.” His comment was a bit extreme but so appreciated.

Tonight as I surfed Facebook, one of my Facebuds who’d read my last blog post wrote me a word of encouragement. He’s a runner with lots of marathon and half marathon experience. He warned me I’d experience other disappointing training runs but he assured me I can work through them. (Thanks, Todd!)

I suppose my Higher Power realized that what I needed today was encouragement from others. And I sure got it…abundantly.

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