Crash and Burn?

Or bump in the road?

I haven’t worked out in two days. The alarm clock rang and I hit the snooze button. Repeatedly. In fact, last night I slept 9.5 hours. I never do that.

Once I was finally awake and drinking my coffee, I was terribly bothered by the fact that I couldn’t get up early enough to work out. The early morning malaise somewhat mirrored clinical depression, something I’ve dealt with in the past and hope to never experience again. But I had a hunch I was still feeling the effects of Saturday’s training error. So of course I called friend and coach, Lynn.

Lynn feels sure that what I’m feeling is simply continued fatigue from Saturday. She also thinks I’ve allowed the bad experience to “get in my head.” She’s probably right. I’ve found myself having doubts about whether I am able to increase my mileage to marathon training distances. Lynn reminded me that I’m not yet training for a marathon…that process begins in May. Right now I’m training for the half marathon I’ll do in March.

Lynn: How many half marathons have you completed?

Me: Five

Lynn: So you had a bad 12-miler on Saturday. It happens. You’ve run that distance plenty of times. You can complete a half marathon at any given time.

After our chat, her text messages came pinging through in rapid succession…just in case our voice to voice chat needed underscoring. Gotta love my coach.

I was grateful Lynn agreed that what I’ve felt the past two days was likely continued fatigue. I feel much better now and I anticipate I’ll be able to work out tomorrow. With Lynn’s permission I plan to run four EASY miles tomorrow and four more EASY miles on Thursday. Per her orders I’ll take a full rest day on Friday. On Saturday I’ll run 14 miles WHILE FUELING PROPERLY. Of course, all of this is “weather permitting.” This girl doesn’t run on icy roads. Well, I have, but…

This morning I felt as though I’d crashed and burned. Now I choose to believe I hit a little bump in the road. Nothing more, nothing less.


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