Excuses Buried

I shouldn’t have lost weight this week. Why?

1. I normally weigh in on Wednesdays, but I have a busier than normal week ahead of me and I couldn’t find time in my schedule to weigh. I’m taking a day off today to get things done around the house. I seized the opportunity to go to Weight Watchers and weigh in…two days ahead of schedule. I wondered how weighing in two days early would affect things.

2. On Friday night the hubs,  mom and I ate at Olive Garden. I ordered whole wheat pasta (as always) and I skipped the wonderfully delicious bread sticks. But everyone knows restaurant food is loaded with sodium and it’s impossible to lose weight while eating out.

3. On Saturday night a friend and I attended a pot luck dinner. Everyone knows it’s impossible to have control at a pot luck.

4. On Sunday I attended another pot luck, this one at church. I’m Southern Baptist and trust me, we can really gorge for Jesus. See #3 for a review of why this is a problem.

In the interest of full disclosure, last week I gained .8 of a pound. I blame it on the Italian Feast I enjoyed with friends. I pouted about the gain for about one hour. My friends Lynn and JoAnn talked me off of the ledge. I remembered how much fun I had at the dinner and realized the miniscule gain was worth it, and onward I marched.

So back to this morning’s weigh in…

I lost three pounds.

This puts my total amount lost at 94 pounds. Not so long ago I would have allowed the circumstances of the last few days to be a license to eat. Then I’d be mad at the scale, chuck it all and have a multi-month binge. But no  more.

I now see how many excuses I once used to justify gaining weight.  For today, I can make wise choices in restaurants and at pot lucks. I don’t take these changes for granted. I continue to know I only have a daily reprieve from disordered eating. But I think I’ve buried my excuses. At least I hope I have.

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