No Pain…

About an hour and a half ago I finished a 10-mile run. I have plans with a friend tonight and I’ll be meeting new people. Ten-plus milers usually leave me limping for the remainder of the day. I figured I’d take a couple of Aleve so that I’ll look less geriatric in a social setting. But the weird thing is…

I don’t need to take anything.

I know how my soreness kicks in. If my knees were going to hurt, I’d know it by now. Last Saturday I ran nine miles and was limping by the time I drove home. I typically walk more gingerly for the remainder of the day and evening. The pain leaves me after a good night’s sleep.

So why do I feel fantastic now? I’ve recently lost an additional 11 pounds. “They” say that  every pound lost equals three less pounds of pressure during each foot strike. So perhaps my knees are beginning to react favorably to 33 pounds less pressure.

Next weekend I’m scheduled to run a 12-miler. I hope I will enjoy the same post-run freedom from soreness I feel now. But that’s next week. I’m all about today and today I feel great. I’ll take it.

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