I’ve lost about 11 pounds since rejoining Weight Watchers on December 1 (total pounds lost = 91). Over the weekend a new round of “you’re my inspiration” comments have begun. The kind words are really nice to hear. I too have been inspired by folks, so I know what it feels like to observe others’ accomplishments and want to replicate them.

But lately I haven’t really felt inspired by others who are on a fitness/weight loss journey. Rather than looking at them and wishing I could do what they do, I’ve transitioned into feeling like a member of their club. I am doing what they are doing…one day at a time. I never thought I would feel this way, and I am grateful.

To those who feel inspired by me, I thank you for the compliments. On the tough days those gracious words keep me going. But I only want to inspire you temporarily. I am happy to be your inspiration until…

Until you inspire yourself.


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2 Responses to Until…

  1. Chris says:

    Finally. You’re not just an observer. You’re a participant. And a successful one.

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