Running Long…With Permission

As I look ahead to training for next year’s full marathon (my first), I find myself wanting to tweak the training plan I selected. I want to run higher mileage than what is suggested. I cross-walked the plan with my calendar and I now know I need to start training in mid-May. Of course, I’ll run lots of miles between now and then because I have two half marathons scheduled in advance of September’s 26.2. And truthfully, I am already conditioned to run the mileage that is scheduled for the first six weeks of the 18-week plan.

There may be absolutely nothing wrong with my making adjustments to my chosen training plan. In fact, running the mileage listed for Weeks 1 – 3 would mean a reduction of my current mileage. But I have a history of exercise bulimia. The reason I’ve been successful in completing five endurance events this year without relapsing into this form of bulimia is that I followed training plans THAT SOMEONE ELSE WROTE. Left to my own devises, I would have over-trained and perhaps gotten injured…all in the name of burning a few hundred extra calories.

Enter my friend and workout buddy, Lynn. Lynn has experience training runners for half and full marathons. She knows my weekly mileage and my capabilities as well as I do. So she has graciously agreed to review my plan and work with me to increase the mileage appropriately. If Lynn approves, I’ll run the extra miles. If she doesn’t I won’t. I don’t want to experience her wrath if I misbehave.

I don’t always have enough sense to do the right thing without consulting with another trusted person. But thankfully, I have enough sense to ask for help.

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