Addictions Know No Holidays

Last week I found myself in another one of those discussions…

Her: You mean, you NEVER eat sugar?

Me: No.

Her: Not even cake on your birthday?

Me: No.

Her: You’re not eating any Christmas treats?

Me: No.

I shared with her that I am addicted to sugar, and just as an alcoholic who is in recovery will not drink… one day at a time, I know that I must abstain from sugar…one day at a time.

If this theme seems familiar, it’s because I wrote a similar post around Halloween. My sugar addiction doesn’t care that it’s Christmas time. It won’t care about New Year’s Eve. Or Valentine’s Day. Or Easter. I can’t allow myself to think that “just this once” I can drink my mom’s boiled custard…with the sugary sprinkles on top…that she makes only once a year. (And by the way, mom’s boiled custard is the best.)

My abstinence from sugar isn’t about weight loss. It’s about quieting the addiction. As long as I keep sweets out of my system, I don’t crave them and I can live my life free of feeling controlled by a substance.

I will always come in contact with people who don’t understand this concept. Those who don’t understand probably don’t live with addiction. I’m happy for them.

And I’m happy for me. I found a way out.

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