Never Say Never

I’ve been eating clean 90% of the time. But the scale hasn’t budged in weeks. I know, I know, it’s not about the number on the scale. But I want to continue losing weight, doggone it. So I did something I once said I’d never do.

I rejoined Weight Watchers.

I’d been thinking about rejoining for a while. Last week my friend Lynn handed me a news clip about a woman who has lost 200 pounds since joining WW in September 2009. While I’ve been losing weight since January, 2009, I began my intentional fitness journey in September 2009. The news clip caused me to imagine how far along in my weight loss journey I could be by now. Wednesday morning I heard two people in the gym locker room speaking positively about the new WW plan. That same day, I received a voice mail from one of my organization’s donors. She wanted me to return her call and said, “But I’ll be away from my phone this morning. I’ll be at my Weight Watcher’s meeting.” For some reason, I’ve always paid attention when an idea is planted on three occasions.” So last Wednesday during lunch hour I trotted to the WW center and rejoined.

I’ve lost weight in the past by following Weight Watchers. In fact, much of the 82 pound loss I’m currently enjoying has been due to that plan. But one gripe I’ve had about the program is the way leaders teach us how to “work the system.” Sit in a meeting and you’ll learn how to eat all kinds of crap while staying within your daily point values. I’m a proponent of clean eating, so that part of the WW philosophy didn’t jibe with me. When I was last a Weight Watchers member I called my version of the program “clean WW.”

I must say I am VERY IMPRESSED with the new plan. Yep, those who want to work the system still can, but the program focuses on CLEAN EATING. I’ve been on the plan for one week now. I can honestly say my food plan hasn’t changed that much. Again, I was eating clean before. So what’s the dif? Why will I be successful when I’ve been on a weight loss plateau for a while now?

With this plan I receive guidance on portion control. Fruits and non-starchy veggies can be eaten with free abandon. But other foods must be accounted for within daily limits. And I need the stucture. Just in this first week, I’ve noticed I’m eating more fresh fruits and veggies than I have in the recent past. I already feel better. And when I do on occasion eat foods that are processed, I’m much more mindful about it.

I don’t consider Weight Watchers the “be all, end all.” I still work on the “stuff above the shoulders” that used to send me to the junk food for comfort. This is simply a food plan that’s giving me a little more structure than I’ve had during the past few months. Today I’ll learn the weight loss result of my first week on the food plan. I’ll keep you posted.

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