We Like to Hike: Part One

For those of you who like to hike, I highly recommend Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park. These hikes are a great way to see some beautiful scenery while getting some great exercise. How great was the exercise? Well, being the data junkie I am, I can actually tell you. I wore a heart rate monitor. I also have a chart that tells me how many calories I burn when my average heart rate is at various levels. I obtained this chart when I had my metabolism and VO2 checked.

I’m proud to report the results of my hiking sessions.

Day 1 = 1,509 calories

Day 2 = 2,480 calories

Day 3 = 1,636 calories

Day 4 = 491 calories (I’ll explain the puny number in a future post)

Day 5 = 387 (this was a quick hike before heading home)

And now…some photos…

Beautiful, yes?

In my next post I’ll share some specifics about the hikes (the good as well as the terrifying).

Stay tuned!

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