Stick a Fork In Me

I’m done!

Earlier this week I told you that last Saturday’s half marathon meant I completed my 2010 events goal: three half marathons and two sprint triathlons. I didn’t mention that I’d signed up for one more event…

The YMCA I go to had a sprint triathlon this morning. It was a fundraiser for that Y. I consider that place to be one of my lifelines. I’ve met so many friends there and I’ve gotten much healthier as a result of working out there. How could I say “no” when a few friends asked me to participate?

I’ve had a cold and chest congestion for about a week and a half (ran last Saturday’s half marathon feeling less than great). So this morning I woke up not feeling better. And it was 28 degrees outside. Think about it. A pool swim…in 28 degrees (the pool was heated, but still), then hop on a bike, then run. With a cold and cough. Um…no.

I’m trying to make better decisions as I get older, so with the race director’s blessing, I turned my triathlon into a biathlon. It was still pretty miserable, but I made it.

During the first half of the 10- mile bike ride my gloved fingers hurt so badly from the cold, I wasn’t sure I would be able to break if needed. During the second half my fingers warmed up but my toes were freezing. Once it was time to start the 3-mile run, my frozen feet felt like barefoot blocks of concrete smashing onto the pavement. I had to walk about .2 of a mile because my toes hurt so terribly, I needed to wiggle them while I walked to try to get them to warm up. Soon I was running again and after about a mile I felt pretty good.

The cold air didn’t do my lungs much good. I hacked most of the morning. But it’s now afternoon and I don’t feel any worse than I did yesterday. In fact, I have that kind of tired/relaxed feeling that comes from a really strong effort. I’m glad I did it in support of a great cause.

For all intents and purposes, tomorrow begins what I’m calling my off-season. It feels FANTASTIC not to be training for an upcoming event.

Tomorrow I’ll go to church. Then I’ll spend part of the day planning my off-season workout schedule that I’ll begin on Monday. And after that…

I’ll rest.


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