I’m Normal!

OK, that headline was a cheap ploy to get you to read this. But…I’m excited to report a little Pam-health news.

A few months ago I mentioned I had a multi-panel blood test and EVERYTHING showed up in the normal range. No more high cholesterol, no high triglycerides. EVERYTHING was normal for the first time in….decades. But my blood pressure continued to be a smidge high. At least the top number was high. I get it checked regularly at the YMCA and it’s usually around 123/70ish. The bottom number has been fine. But according to the little piece of paper I get with my numbers, the top number needs to be below 120. I’ve hit 120 before, but that’s still not below 120. Being the anal-retentive person I am, I want that top number below 120, doggonit.

So, I had my blood pressure checked on Monday. Behold….


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2 Responses to I’m Normal!

  1. Glenda says:

    Excellent…great results!

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