You Can Help. Yes…YOU!

This post is dedicated to several of my colleagues. My last half marathon of 2010 is on Saturday. I’m not going it alone. I’ll be participating with about 14 other Alive Hospice Pavement Pounders. We’re raising much-needed funds for an organization that’s near and dear to our hearts.

The Alive Hospice Pavement Pounders is a team made up of a cross section of our agency. Many spend their days at patients’ bedsides, providing comfort care, pain management, psychosocial, and spiritual support. Others work in various administrative areas. Several are volunteers. One is married to one of our colleagues. Our Board of Directors is represented, too! As busy as these saints are, they still managed to find time to train for a half marathon.

I must say, this training period has humbled me. While this will be my 5th half marathon, I have never trained during such a heat wave as we experienced this summer. I remember one 10-mile run when the temperature was well above 90 degrees by the time I finished. I tell you this not to brag on myself, but to emphasize what my teammates have done to prepare themselves to cover a course that’s 13.1 miles long.

Several Pavement Pounders are half-marathon newbies and had no idea what they were in for. One Pounder tells me the experience of training has been life-changing. She’s agreed to provide a guest post after she earns her finisher medal. Stay tuned for her story.

I’m breaking with 482gr8 tradition. In the short time I’ve been blogging, I’ve not asked for anything other than support. And I’ve received more support than I could have imagined. Thank you! But now I’m asking for coin. If I’ve written anything that’s caused you to think…or laugh…or if I’ve ever supported your kid’s school or dance fundraisers…I hope you’ll consider clicking this link and make a donation in support of the Alive Hospice Pavement Pounders.

Thank you for considering this request.

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