Post-Half Marathon, Feeling Gr8!

Saturday evening I felt very, um, geriatric. I was stiff and sore after completing the Women’s Half Marathon that morning. My muscles were screaming. On Sunday I felt a bit better although it still hurt to walk. By this morning I was able to run three miles. What little soreness I had left was completely gone after the run. I’ve always heard that recovery runs following an endurance event will help move lactic acid out of those muscles.

While in the locker room I mentioned to my friend and mentor Lynn that I’d run three this morning. She told me the fact that I could do that tells her I’m becoming better trained and my muscles, ligaments and tendons are in better shape.

Now that I’ve done a recovery run, I’m turning my attention to my next half marathon which is on October 23. I want to see how much improvement I can make in four weeks. Every workout will have purpose. Every food choice will matter.

It’s go time.

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