Happy Birthday To Me

I turned the Big 4-9 today. It was one year ago that I decided to devote two years to getting into the best shape of my life. I’m at the half-way point. How am I doing?

Well, in the weight loss department, things could be better. I only lost about 20 pounds…in a year. That’s not much. I’m still jazzed about being 80 pounds below my top weight (obviously I lost 60 pounds prior to beginning 482gr8). But I know I can do better. More on that in a moment.

While I’m not pleased with the number of pounds lost, I’m ecstatic over other fitness indicators. I learned a few months ago that for the first time in YEARS all of my blood profiles fall in to the healthy/normal range. My blood pressure is a smidge on the pre-hypertensive side, but it’s continuing its downward trajectory.

And today a work colleague and I had a conversation that made me feel very proud of my fitness routine. As we were walking into the office this morning, she wished me a happy birthday and said, “Next year you’ll be running your marathon.” (I plan to run the Air Force Marathon on September 17, 2011, one day after I turn 50.) As one who finds it easy to put myself down, I responded with “Well, I’ve only lost 20 pounds this year,” as if that had anything to do with her statement. She reminded me that my current training program has me more or less perpetually ready to complete a half-marathon. She thought that was impressive. The fact that I’ve taken it for granted tells me my training regimen has over the past year become my “new normal.” I think that’s kind of cool.

So back to the weight loss issue. I’ve done a really great job of recording EVERY workout in my training log. I use this one. But I’m not so great and recording what I eat. I’ve read studies that suggest those who record/track their food intake have a greater amount of weight loss success. I have an account with LiveStrong.com’s The Daily Plate. In my opinion it’s a great on-line food tracking site. But I don’t always have a computer handy when I eat. There’s no ap for my Droid. When I am in front of the computer I forget to log in or I get lazy and put it off. Excuses, excuses (cue violin music) Soooo….

Beginning today I’m using this to record my food. This should work well because my food plan is South Beach meets Eat-Clean. The meal tracks are divided into six mini-meals and there are even hints has to what types of foods to eat at the various meals. My success with recording all of my training sessions has convinced me that I’m a pen and paper girl. I’ll continue to check in on The Daily Plate from time to time, but my Eat-Clean log book will be my constant companion.

So, Happy sugar-free Birthday to me. All in all, my 48th year wasn’t so bad. Now I’m ready to see what I can accomplish during the year ahead.

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday To Me

  1. Dave Hollingsworth says:

    The meal journal sounds FANTASTIC! I’ve always said your food is responsible for 80% of your overall results & I really feel your on the right path with this Pam. EVERYTHING takes on a different light when written down.
    And again Happy Birthday, sugarless of course. MAN I hate that stuff!

    • pamojamo says:

      Thanks, Dave! Yes, I’m completely “bought in” to the concept that weight loss/fitness is 80% nutrition. Interestingly, the journal has a place to record weight loss progress…on a monthly basis. I’ve admitted here that I go through periods of struggling with weighing too often.

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