The Question That Made Me Feel…


For much of my life I’ve considered myself active. When I was a kid my dad and I used to knock around the tennis ball. I’ve always enjoyed running. Hubs and I used to coach a kid’s basketball team and I’d run around with the players during practice. I completed my first half marathon in 2008. Did another one in 2009. But I’ve never felt athletic.

One day this week hubs asked me, “Is your event this weekend a half marathon or a triathlon?” It was just an innocent question, there was no compliment baked into it. But it made an impression on me. When I started my 482gr8 fitness journey, the goal was simply to spend two years getting into the best shape of my age 50. I wanted to see where clean eating and vigorous exercise would take me.

I happen to be more motivated to stick with an exercise plan when I’m training for an event. This year I set a goal of completing three half marathons and two sprint triathlons. Next year I plan to run my first full marathon the day after I turn 50. Yet even though I have what is, for me, a very aggressive endurance event schedule this year, I still felt active. Now, there’s nothing wrong with active. I like the way that feels.

But hub’s question made me see that perhaps I am moving into the athletic category. For some reason, that just feels kinda cool to me.  It helped me realize it’s never too late to reinvent myself and to enjoy being a work in progress.

By the way…this Saturday…it’s a triathlon.

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