They May Have Snow on the Roof, but…

I’m one of those fortunate people who seem to be put in the right place at the right time. Or perhaps I just have expectations that I’ll experience life’s little joys.

I’m taking a vacation day today. I decided to sleep an extra hour before doing my triathlon training “brick.” (One-hour spin class followed by 3.5 mile run). While in the locker room changing out of spin shoes and into running shoes, someone commented on the outdoor conditions.

Me: Is it hot out there already?

Her: It’s really humid. But go out an enjoy it. You’ll be glad you did.

And enjoy it I did. As I began my run at the Y parking lot headed toward the green way, I noticed a simple race finishing chute was in place. I asked a passerby if the green way was open to everyone. I learned that it was open to all, but an official event was also taking place. It was the Tennessee Senior Olympics 10K run.

Nothing inspires me like seeing people 10 – 20+ years older than I rocking it during an athletic event. Today I saw some Bad MamaJama’s as well as their male equivalents. It’s July, it’s Nashville, and it’s hot. But the heat and humidity did nothing to slow these incredible athletes.

I saw one of my fitness heroes, Janet Jernigan. Janet and I know each other via our work in the local not-for-profit sector. Janet is a half-marathoner and a triathlete. She routinely places in her age division (she took 2nd place today). She’s competed in the Senior Olympics on the national level. Oh, and she turns 66 years young next week. As we passed each other on the course, she asked me if I was doing the Women’s Half Marathon in September. (Why, yes I am.). I couldn’t believe that while she was competing, she was thoughtful enough to ask me about my humble event schedule. Love you, Janet.

It was just fantastic seeing so many people with snow on the roof but plenty of fire in the gut and soul. I’m pumped. I’m inspired. And I’m grateful I was at the right place at the right time.

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