Today an office colleague asked out of the blue, “So how do you stay motivated to work out all the time?” She used to work out a lot, but lately she can’t seem to make herself. My initial response was flip.

“I register for too many endurance events.” Then I really thought about her question. I told her the following:

I actually enjoy all of my workout activities: running, cycling, swimming, weight lifting.If I don’t enjoy it, I won’t do it.

I’m a loner by nature. But over the past two years my workout acquaintances have become friends. We have each others’ cell phone numbers. We’ll be traveling together to events later this summer. I really care about these people and I enjoy spending time with them. While we don’t do all of our training together, we see each other daily at the gym. Today it happened that all of us were swimming laps at the same time. Tomorrow I bet most of us will be in spin class. We’ll cycle together Saturday or Sunday.

I take one rest day per week. If I miss two days in a row, I feel gross. I don’t like to feel gross.

I used to be motivated by weight loss. Now weight loss is a byproduct of the lifestyle I enjoy. So for me it’s simple: I do things I like with people I like and it makes me feel good.

Motivation is different for everyone. What motivates you?

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