Not Feeding the Feelings

It would have been really easy to leave the Beach Saturday night. I’m currently following the South Beach Diet, Phase II. But Saturday night I didn’t care.

I ran 10 miles Saturday morning. I was ravenous for the rest of the day even though I was eating good, clean stuff and an appropriate amount of calories. So I was already set up for a binge. Hubs and I had a miscommunication and I thought I was invited to an outing he’d planned with my nephew. By the time I learned it was a guy’s night out, it was too late for me to make plans for myself. I had a good sulk for about an hour. It wasn’t that I wanted to go where they were going. I really didn’t. Scout’s honor. I just wanted to do something other than stay home alone on a Saturday night.

After hubs left the house I started thinking about the non-beach dinner I could have. Did I want to drive to McDonalds or Taco Bell? Both are close by. Or perhaps I should go to the store and pick up a pizza…and some chips and dip. There would be no one at home to judge how much I was eating. It would be just like old times.

Then I came to my senses. I didn’t lose 78 pounds by giving in to cravings or stuffing down my feelings. I lost the weight (and am continuing to lose weight) because I eat clean regardless of the circumstances. And I deal with my emotional and spiritual “stuff” whether or not I want to.

I decided to enjoy a rare evening alone. After all, I’m usually going at break-neck speed and I often find myself wishing I had more down time.

I fixed myself a fantastic Beach-friendly dinner and enjoyed my gift of solitude.

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4 Responses to Not Feeding the Feelings

  1. Beverly Grant says:

    I met a woman in St. George Island who tells the story of a seasoned resident’s philosophy of life. She told her that a true southern lady is judged by the way she dines when she’s alone. In other words, bring out the china and treat yourself the same as you would a guest. I’ve never forgotten that and try to practice it on nights that I am tempted to throw down the chips and a candy bar for dinner. You’d be surprised how much better a Lean Cuisine looks on Noritake china!

  2. yumyucky says:

    Wow! 78 pounds!? I love how you clean eat, no matter what. I love that. I’ll get there. 🙂

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