Food Memories

Last month, weight loss blogger No More Bacon posted an interesting little ditty about food memories. He was having an intense Pepsi craving and while he abstained, he mentally processed all of the childhood memories that involved drinking it. For him just the thought of Pepsi created an emotional response.

I didn’t get around to reading his post until July 4, following a family barbecue loaded with food. After reading  Bacon’s post I took a mental inventory of various foods and the memories they hold for me. What bubbled up was my memory of home-made chocolate ice cream courtesy of  one of my uncles. When I was a kid he made it old school style, with an ice cream freezer that required hand-cranking. Later he bought a fancy-schmantzy electric freezer. The ice cream tasted just as fantastic. I loved eating that stuff surrounded by aunts, uncles and cousins. Home made chocolate ice cream equaled fun family times.

Again, I read the post only an hour after attending the family do. My uncle, now in his 80s, continues to churn out the ice cream. For the past few 4th of July’s (I think) I’ve been the only one not to eat any.

This year one cousin commented on my not having dessert with a side of ice cream. I explained to him that I don’t eat sugar. He responded, “You sacrifice, but you have results.”

I don’t really think of healthy eating as “sacrifice,” but I understand what he was trying to tell me. And hearing that was sweeter than eating the ice cream would have been.

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