Recapping the Rehab

I’ve recently joined the Blog Circle at I was honored to be asked to join this invitation only group. They republish some of the blog posts I make here at 482gr8. I get to choose which posts to send over there. I’m currently pulling from the archives so that new readers there can get to know me. Soon I’ll post here and there concurrently.

One of the older posts I republished was the story of my knee injury. In that post I only talk about the “accident” and I mention the required surgery. One of the nice folks at Vibrant Nation emailed me to suggest I post about the rehab that followed surgery. I had planned to do so and searched the archives for that post. Um, I never wrote about it.

Because I republish my posts to Vibrant Nation, everything that appears there must also appear here. In tomorrow’s post I’ll begin addressing the surgery and rehab.

I sort of dread dredging it all up, but as I write I hope that rather than dwelling on the pain, I can see how far I’ve come.

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