It Takes What It Takes

As I write this I am eating exactly one cup of low-fat cottage cheese and one half cup of frozen berries. How do I know this? Because I bothered to break out the measuring cups and check it out.

The South Beach Diet author says one needn’t weigh and measure food. Just eat until satisfied. I’m not far enough along in my fitness journey that I can do that. My satisfaction meter became out of whack years ago and I do not yet have the honesty to stop eating once I’m satisfied but not yet stuffed.

Also, I’ve convinced myself that I had a really keen eye for portions and have the uncanny ability to scoop out EXACTLY two tablespoons of natural peanut butter without the benefit of a measuring spoon. My standard breakfast is a half cup of oatmeal combined with one scoop of chocolate protein powder and two tablespoons of all-natural peanut butter. I use a half cup measure to scoop out the oatmeal. The protein powder comes with a scoop so that’s a no-brainer. But the peanut butter…I’d been using a silverware tablespoon to dig out two humongous globs of the stuff. This simply will not do. This morning I used a real tablespoon and leveled the peanut butter with a knife. I put it in the oatmeal and before stirring I took a good look at the quantity. Let’s just say breakfast didn’t have an overwhelming peanutty taste explosion.

Now that I’ve become reacquainted with measuring cups and spoons, I plan to use them daily. I’m told that weight loss and fitness are 80% nutrition and 20% training. I train a lot. It’s a shame to negate all of that work due to an unwillingness to weigh and measure my portions.

For me it just takes what it takes and today I’m o.k. with that.

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2 Responses to It Takes What It Takes

  1. darnfitness says:

    It is a journey, isn’t it? I remember being actually offended when I bought measuring cups and spoons. I was just… looking at the REAL Tbsp of PB and thinking “How DARE you telling me this is a Tbsp!!!”
    Then, there was the washing. Sometimes you measure 1 Tbsp oil and then you want to measure 1 Tbsp of flour…you need to wash it. Before AND after the flour ¬¬
    After a while I bought a digital kitchen scale and really makes things so much easier. You just need to weight everything once. I wrote everything down in a piece of paper ( 1 tbsp of this = X grams) and put it on a fridge magnet. For example, I put a bowl on the scale and reset it to zero. Then pour 40 grams of oats, now I know thats half a cup. Then reset to zero. Add the PB, 15 grs (1 tbsp), reset and so on.

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