We Interrupt This Blog for an Important Announcement

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Vibrant Nation, a website written with women over 50 in mind. VN wishes to republish my blog posts on its site. Not knowing what all of this entailed, I emailed loads of questions. The folks on the receiving end of my inquiries were so kind, I knew in my gut this was a group I would enjoy having as colleagues. So now I’m a member of the Vibrant Nation blog circle.

Here’s what Vibrant Nation has to say about its blog circle.

“VibrantNation.com has hand-selected a group of bloggers who represent the best qualities of Vibrant Women. They’re over 50, smart, independent, have interesting things to say about the world, and know how to laugh at themselves.”

As you know I’m not yet 50 (but I can see the Big 5 – 0 from where I’m standing!). The fact that I’ve been invited to participate is both exciting and humbling for me.

I’ll continue to blog away here at 482gr8. For the time being I’m going to dust off posts from my archives to send to Vibrant Nation so that readers there can get to know me. After a while I’ll begin to post here and there concurrently.

I hope you’ll join me in surfing Vibrant Nation. There’s a wide range of information and topics there. I’m enjoying getting to know the site and I think you will, too. I’ve place a link on my blog roll.

Check ’em out!

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