The Significance of Today

I’m taking a break from my computer break to reflect on the significance of today: June 16. Two years ago today, I experienced one  of the scariest episodes of my life. I won’t retell the story as I’ve already posted about it. If you’re new to 482gr8 you can read about it here.

Rather than spending today reliving the fear, I’ve decided to think about the future while celebrating all that I’ve accomplished in the past two years:

A “huge” surgery (my surgeon’s words, not mine)

Five months of formal, PAINFUL physical therapy

Two half marathons

One sprint triathlon

53 pounds of weight loss (making me 73 pounds below my top weight.

While I feel very accomplished, I know that I’ve just begun. I’m currently training for two sprint triathlons and two half marathons. These four events will take place between August 16 and October 23. I’m using them as a warm-up for next year when I will train for my first full marathon. I’m currently on a “100 Days on the Beach” South Beach Diet Challenge as as experiment to see how much body fat I can shred by my 49th birthday (I’m currently on Day 8).

I realize I’m not the only person to ever have knee surgery and painful rehab. But the trauma of the event that caused the injury has changed me forever. On June 16, 2008, I really thought I might die. On June 16, 2009, I spent the day reliving the fear.

On June 16, 2010, I am looking forward, and the possibilities are endless.

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