Pride Goeth Before the…

A loosely translate Bible verse from Proverbs states, “Pride goeth before the fall.” But for me, pride goeth before the muscle strain.

I know better than to do what I did this morning. My training schedule called for a triathlon “brick.” I took a one-hour spin class followed by a three-mile run. As I was finishing the run, the path  I was on converged with another. A man was walking on the other path. He was closest to the converged path, but because I was running we got there at the same time. I sort of expected him to yield to me. Wouldn’t that be the gentlemanly thing to do? Or, shouldn’t a walker yield to a runner (ok, a jogger). But instead, he forged ahead, somewhat getting in my way. This bothered me.

Blame it on fatigue. Blame it on heat. Blame it on humidity. Better yet, blame it on stupidity. Rather than keeping my pace, I sprinted to the end. Canyaguesswhathappened? Yep, I strained my hammy. That’ll show him!

I know better. I know better than to set up expectations around the behavior of others.  I know the only person I need to compete with is myself. I KNOW better than to sprint at the end of a workout like the one I’d just completed.

I’m able to walk without a limp but I feel the strain in every step. Thankfully tomorrow’s workout is in the pool, followed by a session in the weight room.

Perhaps I needed a reminder to be concerned only with myself and let others tend to their behaviors. If it takes a while for the strain to heal, so be it. I deserve this.


100 Days on the Beach/Day 2: Back-to-back meetings prevented me from eating my planned snack. By the time I had lunch I was in big trouble from a low blood sugar perspective. But refueling eased the light-headed, shaky feeling and I was soon good to go. For some reason I craved diet soda all day. But I didn’t cave. I’m still a beach babe.

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