1st Day on the Beach: My Report

Today was Day 1 of my “100 Days on the Beach” South Beach Diet challenge. The first thing I noticed was how attached I am to my morning cup of Joe with Carnation Sugar-Free Vanilla/Caramel Creamer. But I drank my coffee black and lived to tell about it.

I followed the Phase I plan to the letter. Off and on throughout the day I felt a little light headed. I’m not sure if that’s from carb-detox or if I was a victim of suggestion. I’ve read accounts of people who felt light-headed during the first three days of Phase I and perhaps I created a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Everything I ate tasted great. I just missed some of my old standbys such as my oatmeal for breakfast. I’ll be able to eat oatmeal again in two weeks. But it looks like the coffee creamer may be a thing of the past. I’ve scoured the South Beach Diet Book and I can’t find permission to have it. Oh well, what’s a little sacrifice if it gets me to my goal weight sooner?

I refuse to step on the scale until I complete Phase I on June 22. I’ll check my progress on the 23rd. The book’s author says at first the weight loss is more noticeable around the mid-section. I tried on a pair of capris I intentionally bought a bit snug. I have a hunch they’ll be comfortable in about a week.

Regarding my workouts, I’m going to be flexible during these two weeks. For example, tomorrow morning I’m scheduled to do a triathlon training “brick” (one hour spin class followed by 3.5 mile run). If I don’t feel energetic after spin, I’ll skip the run. I know energy will return once I reintroduce healthy carbs on June 23.

So all in all, Day 1 was pretty uneventful. I felt a few cravings throughout the day, but I choose to believe I’m detoxing from some of the chips and crackers I’ve been indulging in lately. And that’s a good thing.

Wish me luck on Day 2.

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