Miles to Go: Swimsuits Don’t Lie

Really, girls. Is there anything more horrifying than shopping for a swimsuit? I’ve managed to put off this chore for a few years as I’ve worn the same two suits until they are stretched out and ragged. Well, they’re not so much stretched as I’ve lost 70 lbs since I bought them. But they had become ragged and they are now beautifying a landfill somewhere in Nashville.

A few months ago I dropped major bank on a real swimsuit; i.e. one that I wear three times a week when I swim laps. But lap suits are very, um, hard as heck to put on very supportive and putting one on counts as aerobic exercise. This type of suit won’t cut it during the one or two weeks a year when I take a vacation somewhere swimsuitie. For those occassions I want one or two CHEAP suits that are good enough for lounging on a float getting a sunburn nice tan. So today I went to that landmark of cheapness…


Did I mention I find swimsuit shopping to be horrifying? So I head to the swimwear section and find the ultra-cheap Catalina one-piece numbers. I grabbed one I thought might fit and headed to the dressing room. With the sounds of babies crying as a peaceful backdrop I tried on the suit. My chest, shoulders, back and upper legs haven’t seen the light of day so far this year, so let’s just say I looked rather pasty. Remember that movie Powder? Or for a more recent visual, think Twilight series sans sexiness. Yep, I’m that pale. But not only did my lack of tan distress me, but my still out-of-shape bod looks horrible. If the situation is this bad now I don’t want to think about my swimsuit look from 70 pounds ago. I bought two $14 numbers that will work just fine. Of course, anyone I know who sees me in one of them will have to sign a confidentiality agreement.

But let’s keep things positive. The swimsuit shopping experience has provided me with motivation to keep improving. In fact, I’ve been wanting to shake up my food plan a little bit, so after putting the Catalinas in my cart I marched my pale self to the book section and picked up a copy of The Southbeach Diet. I want to refresh my memory of that program and perhaps combine it with my clean eating plan, although admittedly for the past few weeks my clean eating has included some unclean chips and crackers. One hard look in the dressing room mirror told me, “crackers’ gotta go!”

So I’m just going to be happy for the improvements made so far and look forward to a slimmer future. I’ll keep running, biking, swimming, weightlifting and eating clean until I get there.

One day at a time.

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4 Responses to Miles to Go: Swimsuits Don’t Lie

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  2. Dave Hollingsworth says:

    The “crackers gotta go” line cracked me up but the ” signing a confidentiality agreement” was the best! I really love your honesty. And remember, eat clean just for today. Keep it up you ARE doing it!

    • pamojamo says:

      You are right about one day at a time. While I’m embarking on “100 Days on the Beach,” people like me can only do that one day at a time. I promise not to lose sight of that.

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