I’m Stacked!

My friend Joann called yesterday to check on me. I’ve been difficult to reach lately, what with the series endings of “Lost” and “24” to watch. And she noticed I hadn’t been blogging. It’s nice to be missed.

I hadn’t realized it’s been so long since I last posted a blog entry. My job as been very busy (in a good way) and I’ve been spending downtime (I use that term loosely) helping hubs prepare his mother’s house to be sold. I’ve not had much time in front of the computer.

Now that I’m catching up, I want to share the crazy-fun athletic schedule I’ve planned. When I turned 48 I decided to devote the final two years of my 40s to getting into the best shape of my life. I want to celebrate turning 50 by running my first marathon. I’ll need to start training for that next March.

This year I set a goal of completing three half marathons and two sprint triathlons in 2010. My thought was this will help whip me into shape so that I’ll be well conditioned to train for the full 26.2 miler. So far this year I’ve only completed one half marathon. Until recently I wasn’t sure I could fit in everything. But the stars have aligned and there are events posted for which I have time to train. The only issue is they are scheduled VERY close together!

I have committed to a sprint triathlon in mid-August. A friend and I are strongly considering another sprint in early September. Then the Women’s Half Marathon comes to Nashville at the end of September. I’ll be doing that one as well as the Haunted Half Marathon in Cookeville, Tennessee four weeks later. Yipes; that’s four endurance events stacked into about 11 weeks!

This week marks my first official week of training for the August tri. Yesterday I did a “brick” training session, meaning I worked two triathlon components. I took a one-hour spin class followed by a 3.75 mile run. I checked my average heart rate (according to Polar for the spin class and Garmin for the run) and discovered I’d burned 1,062 calories! Whoop! Today I swam 1,200 meter which is considered an easy workout. Tomorrow, weather permitting I have another spin/run brick ahead of me.

Wish me luck as I prepare for the most athletic three months of my life.

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2 Responses to I’m Stacked!

  1. Dave Hollingsworth says:

    Hey Pam! Glad your blog is back, I’ve missed you. WOW! a 1 HR spin class followed by 3.75 mile run?! Your endurance blows mine out of the water! Keep us up to date on your training & nutrition.

    • pamojamo says:

      Hi, Dave! Before thinking my endurance blows yours out of the water, take into consideration I’m very slow…like a turtle…but a grateful turtle.

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