Time to Recommit

I have been super-stressed lately. When I’m stressed I don’t sleep. When I don’t sleep I don’t work out. When I don’t work out my food gets sloppy. Fortunately I haven’t experienced weight gain, but I want to reign it in before pounds creep on.

I’ve only worked out once this week when five or six sessions per week is my norm. Rather than wait until Monday, I’m working out tomorrow. No excuses. If you follow me on Twitter (@Pamojamo) you’ll see my Four Square entry indicating I’m at the YMCA. I’ve packed Meals 1-4 and as soon as I post this I’m packing my gym bag and loading it in the car.

While all of the above is great, the biggest item on my “to do” list is learning to manage stress remembering to turn over my problems to my Higher Power. Like many people who suffer from various “isms,” I can sometimes behave as if the weight of the world is on my shoulders. I’ve had a TMJ headache off and on since Sunday. That ain’t right.

I don’t think the God of my understanding is pleased with me when I’m so stressed that my back is in knots, my tongue is constantly pressing against the roof of my mouth, and my shoulders are hunched upward.

So I want to recommit. I want to eat healthfully, work out, and most important…

I want to “Let Go and Let God.”

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