I Am NOT a Wreck

I was involved in a fender-bender today. No one was hurt, it wasn’t my fault, and it appears I was hit by the nicest guy in town. This afternoon I took my car to a body shop to get the estimate. I called the guy who hit me, and I’m meeting him tomorrow to pick up a check. The parts have been ordered. I’m taking Friday and Monday off from work as my hubs is having knee surgery on Friday. I’ll drop off the car on the way to the surgery center. It will be ready for pick up on Monday. The repair shop is a couple of miles from my house, so on Monday morning I will run there (literally) to pick up the car (weather permitting).

It feels cool to be able to combine an errand with my cardio. What feels even better is my emotional state today. Years ago I would have had a melt-down over a fender bender. Recovery has taught me a new way to live. I don’t have to get upset over things that really don’t matter. And I don’t have to ingest addictive substances to work through problems. In fact, I think hubs was a little shocked that I handled everything without running to him for help. I felt so grown up!

This weekend I received some perspective about things that matter. I live in Nashville, and unless you’ve been under a rock you know  we’ve had terrible flooding across Middle Tennessee. I know people who have lost everything. I’ve lost nothing. I am tremendously blessed.

A fender-bender is not worth losing my serenity. I’m glad I know that.

One day at a time…

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