I’m Baaack!

I arrived home from my business trip late this afternoon. I’m really tired, so this is just a quick “accountability post.”

During my trip there were only two meals that I considered to be on the border-line of being too large or not the right choices. I stayed away from all of my addictive substances, liquid and solid! It was great to have healthy snacks with me. It was also a good move to bring along pre-measured oatmeal/protein powder and peanut butter for breakfast. Eating in my room saved time, money, and calories!

Regarding exercise, I had a fantastic run on Monday. I did a 3-miler around Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and ran around the area where Francis Scott Key wrote the “Star Spangled Banner.” I allowed myself to stop for a few seconds to look out over the harbor and imagined what he saw. It was quite a moment.

I stayed out later than I had planned on Monday night, so I didn’t do my weight training on Tuesday morning. This morning was a running day, but it was freezing outside and I didn’t pack warm enough gear. I’m going to run tomorrow morning instead (I’m running a half-marathon in about 10 days.)

A few interesting things happened regarding fitness/recovery. I’ll post about them in the days ahead.

I had a great trip, but it’s wonderful to be home.

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2 Responses to I’m Baaack!

  1. rundadrun says:

    Welcome back. Sounds like an awesome run you had around the Harbor. Got to love sight-seeing on the run.

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