Planning to Succeed While Traveling

I’ve just finished packing for a business trip. A fundraising association I am a member of is sending me to a conference in Baltimore. I leave this afternoon and return home late Wednesday night.

Trips of any kind, business or pleasure used to send me into “vacation-mode” thinking. I would eat foods I normally wouldn’t eat as if being in another city gave me license to indulge. Once home I would be mad at myself for gaining weight, plus I had so many addictive substances in my system, I would find myself in yet another relapse.

As I’ve shared before, I don’t know if I have another comeback in me. I’ve been eating and drinking cleanly for quite a while now. I only have a daily reprieve from all of my “isms” so I can’t guarantee you or myself that I’ll follow the straight and narrow while I’m gone. But I have planned ahead and have poised myself for success. Here’s how:

  • I’ve packed oatmeal, protein powder, single serve peanut butter (each cup is actually more than a serving so I’ll ration those), almonds, tuna packets, and salmon packets. Most conferences have complimentary fruit available.
  • I’ve packed recovery literature.
  • I’ve phoned several friends who live life one day at a time. They know I’ll be checking in with them often while I’m gone.
  • I’ve packed my workout clothes and Garmin GPS watch. I’m scheduled for two training runs and one weight-training session during this trip.
  • I’ve made a commitment to myself that when eating out, I’ll order the healthiest item on the menu. If necessary I’ll ask for things to be prepared in a way that meets my needs.
  • My Higher Power will be on this trip with me.
  • I won’t be blogging while I’m gone, but I’ll send Tweets via Twitter as a way of keeping myself accountable.

    (A note about comments: In addition to not blogging, I’ll not have an opportunity to monitor comments. Those who’ve commented on this blog before will be automatically approved. New visitors can leave a comment for me to approve once I’m in front of the computer. I wish I didn’t have to moderate, but the last time I loosened the controls, some p0rn0 folks slipped through.)

    I’ll blog here as soon as possible upon my return home. And I’ll be brutally honest regarding the trip.

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