Oh, Hill!

This morning I decided to skip the gym and do hill work in my neighborhood. I have access to a hill that has a pretty intimidating elevation gain. At least it’s intimidating to me. I’m training for the Country Music Half Marathon. If you know anything about that course, you know it’s hilly.

I’ve lived in the same neighborhood for more than 20 years. And for more than 20 years the dreaded hill has been my nemesis. I have NEVER been able to run or jog it without taking walk breaks. I used to get excited when I could jog half of it before walking. I would try to remember where I began my walking so that the next time I jogged it, I would jog past one more driveway before walking.

I didn’t know what to expect of myself this morning. I couldn’t remember my “walking point” from my last hill session, which was probably about four to six weeks ago. (I have to force myself to run hills).

I began my work with a very slow jog. I figured the slower I went the higher I would climb before I needed to walk. I made it past the half-way point. Then I made it past the two-thirds point. By this time my heart rate was in a very uncomfortable anaerobic zone. My lungs were burning. But for some reason I kept jogging. I made it to the top without walking one step.

I only had one hill run in me this morning. I don’t know if I was just exhausted or afraid of having my lungs burn a second time. I walked the second time up. I wanted to get in a few more minutes of cardio. I choose to be happy with one run and one walk up the hill. I enjoyed a new accomplishment and I have room to improve upon it.

It was a great way to start my day.

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