My Very-Fat Clothes Have Left the Building

I keep my off season clothes in a cedar trunk. It’s time to switch out the fall/winter stuff with the spring/summer stuff. In past seasons I would simply clean out the closet, hang up the spring/summer wear and hope for the best. When it was time to get dressed in the morning, I’d try on outfit after outfit. Most would be too small. I felt helpless and hopeless.

Yesterday I did something different. As I pulled item after item out of the trunk, I tried on every piece. If something didn’t fit, it went straight to the bag headed for ThriftSmart. Quite a few things didn’t fit, but for a different reason than last Spring. At that time I was only three months into cleaner eating. I was only beginning to exercise following knee surgery. And it was six months prior to my starting a 2-year fitness journey.

Now many of the clothes I had stored were just too big, including:
*The pair of pants that were too small last year. The pair I couldn’t wait to wear this year. Too baggy now.
*My black linen sheath dress that was beginning to get baggy by the end of last summer. Now it looks like I bought it at the tent and awning store.
*An “After 5” jacket that cost me a pretty penny.

My bag of clothes have left the building.

I had also stored some clothes that were way too tight, in hopes they would fit some day. Hope springs eternal, after all. I’m really excited that those pieces fit now, except for one pair of casual pants I bought knowing they were way too small. They’re hanging on the outside of my closet as an inspiration piece.

The amount of clothes I gave to charity exceeds the amount of items that were too tight last year yet fit this year. I suppose I’ll be going shopping soon. Or joining a nudist colony. I don’t think the world is ready for the latter.

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