I don’t know how many of you spend time in women’s locker rooms. There’s typically a lot of chatter going on and I tune out most of it. But this morning I overheard the end of a conversation.

Woman #1: “Ok, well have a nice day.”
Woman #2: “I’ll try. But it’s Monday.”

#2’s voice had an Eeyor-like quality as she said this. She annoyed me. Not because I was particularly offended by her, but because I was reminded of the many times I’ve chosen to have a bad attitude. Yes, I said “chosen.” I believe attitude is a choice and I can have a good one or a bad one. It doesn’t matter what’s going on around me, I’m responsible for how I view the world. I am responsible for how I view myself. If I decide I’ll never lose weight, then I probably never will.

Today in Boot Camp there was a station that, at this point in time, I can’t complete without modifying the exercise. Trainer Micah reminded me that given practice, I’ll improve my strength and I’ll be able to master the station. But if I tell myself this task is impossible, then it will be.

I think I’ll work on being a more positive person.

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