Sunday night I made low fat turkey-tacos for dinner. It was a clean meal and tasted great.

When I had finished my appropriate portion and the hubs had eaten until comfortably full, there was a bit of turkey left. It didn’t appear to be enough to keep. So I asked hubs to finish it. He refused. He just wasn’t hungry any more.

That’s the difference between me and hubs. I measure out an appropriate portion of food and I eat it. I may want more afterward; being hungry or full has nothing to do with it. But I stop eating because I have had all I need to have for that meal. On the other hand, we have hubs. He doesn’t measure anything. He eats until satisfied, then he stops. He just stops. I don’t understand it.

So back to the remaining turkey-taco meat. I found myself insisting that hubs finish it since it was a portion I had deemed not worth saving. I was really getting myself into a tizzy over this. Finally, exasperated, hubs looked at me and, not quite yelling but close, said, “Just throw it away.”

Hmmm. That option had not occurred to me. I’m serious. I was hell-bent that someone was going to finish that meat and it couldn’t be me. After about 10 seconds of embarrassment, hub’s suggestion came as a relief. I no longer had to worry about finishing food because there are children starving in China. What a concept!

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3 Responses to Duh

  1. Lisa Graham says:

    hahahaha! (yeah, those children are going to be starving in China whether we trash in in our bellies or our garbage cans)

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