I Choose Not to Take Today for Granted

Today was supposed to be a rest day. Not a rest day in the Christian Sabbath sense, although I believe that Sabbath is a gift from God. No, this was supposed to be a no-exercise day. A day for my muscles to recuperate following yesterday’s 8-miler. But today Nashville was awash with sunshine and a 60-something degree temperature. My psyche needed to remember what it felt like to go for a run sans jacket, ear warmers and gloves. Heck, this was short sleeve weather and I was jonesing to get out there.

By 3:30 I had prepped some clean eating foods for the week, washed the salt off my car from the last three snow episodes and found myself with free time. I laced up and drove to my favorite greenway. Apparently half of Nashville had the same idea. There were some places on the trail where I actually felt a little nervous because there were so many preschoolers on bikes…preschoolers who hadn’t yet perfected their “share the road” skills. One little girl had this horrified “dear in the headlights” look as she tried to figure out how to get back on her side of the road without taking me out at the knees.

Then there were places on the trail where I was blissfully alone. I didn’t enjoy the same runner’s high/flow I felt during yesterday’s 8-miler. This was more of a work the soreness out recovery run. I ran 3.5 miles. My legs felt really tired during most of it, but I felt fantastic afterward. The sun was shining for about half of my run. I realized I’d been missing sunlight these past few weeks, but I didn’t know how much so until I got to bathe in it for a few minutes. The Vitamin D did me much good.

When I got home I surfed through Facebook. My sister posted this status update, “Why can’t every day be like today.” I posted this comment, “Because then we would take them for granted.”

I choose not to take today for granted.

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