Like Water Off a Duck’s Back

Last Friday Micah, the boot camp instructor had us doing some drills on a suspended track. I’m a slow runner and I follow the rules so I stayed to the inside of the track. Runners and walkers not associated with boot camp were also up there so it was important to be careful and mindful of others.

There was an older, slow-walking lady who was not exactly adhering to the “stay to the inside” track rule. I needed to pass her while not getting run over by the very fast runner who was behind me. So I veered to my left and once I was safely in front of the woman I got back to the inside of the track.

“You cut me off,” the woman yelled. “Ma’am?” I turned around and asked. “You cut me off!” she yelled again. Say what?

Through the years I have learned to take responsibility for my actions and make appropriate amends once I’m aware I owe them. But I still have trouble being accused of something I didn’t do and there’s no way on God’s Green Earth I cut off this woman. Faster than you can say, “I hope you fall off the track” I had formulated several pithy comebacks designed to put this crazy lady in her place.

Then I asked myself, “Where’s the honor in making sure an old lady…an old lady who’s trying to get a little exercise…is put in her place?”

So I simply responded with, “I’m sorry.” Later in the day I actually laughed about it.

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1 Response to Like Water Off a Duck’s Back

  1. Steve Sak. says:

    You should always use your turn signals! ;-D

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