I Give The Advice I Most Need to Hear

My workout schedule has taken a hit the last few weeks. Due to icy road conditions a few weeks ago, a family member’s surgery last week, and an early meeting one morning this week, I’ve averaged three workouts per week instead of my usual six. This morning I forced myself to go to the gym, when what I really wanted to do was sleep an extra two hours. I took my one hour boot camp class, then swam a half mile. But it was a struggle.

I told a gym friend that it took all the will power I could muster to get out of bed. She’d noticed I had not made it to the gym as often over the last three weeks. Then she said something that will stay with me a long time. “You’re not finished yet. You have big goals you’re still trying to reach. You can’t afford to slack off.” Bam! Pow! Zoom!

Later in the day I chatted with someone who is having difficulty fitting addiction support group meetings into her schedule. She says she knows she benefits from them but life is really busy right now and she just can’t make it to her meetings. This person gave me permission to give her some feedback, and I gave her advice that I most needed to hear. I told her,

“If you needed insulin, you would find time to take your shots.”
“If you needed dialysis, you would make the time for those appointments.”
“If you needed chemo, you would not miss one session due to your busy schedule.”
“Your recovery is a life or death situation. Treat it as such.”

She was grateful for my feedback, as was I. You see, while I was advising her, I was really lecturing myself. My getting in shape is really a life or death situation. I am slowly reversing years of abuse and hopefully adding years to my life.

My goals are important. I think I’ll make time to achieve them.

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