Getting in Shape: A Biblical Perspective

This morning I received a Facebook notification that Steve, my fitness transformation challenge partner, tagged me in a note. Now, I’ve been tagged in photos (to my horror) but wasn’t sure what it meant to be tagged in a note. One click directed me to Steve’s profile where he had placed a written devotion that originated on a page called “Devotions for Dieters” from a website called

Steve and I are both Christians, so it was refreshing to read a faith-based perspective on weight loss. The devotion began with Matthew 5:8, “Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.” The Sermon on the Mount has always been one of my favorite biblical passages, but I wasn’t sure what this verse had to do with fitness. As I continued reading, it made sense to me.

The devotional writer explained that once we decide something is wrong, in this case over eating (gluttony), continuing the behavior is sin. Further, pureness in heart means doing what we know we ought to do. In short:

Regard our bodies with respect.
Be an example for others to follow.
Do all we can to be all we can.

The writer concluded with this statement, “When we stay true to what we know in our hearts is right, then we will be assured of a place with God in His kingdom.”

It was a good reminder that there are reasons for getting in shape that are much more important than the size of my jeans.

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