Ozzy Interview Misses the Mark

I’m at home today working on a kitchen redo. The TV is on and I catch Meredith Viera’s interview with Ozzy Ozborne. Ozzy is apparently on a tour to promote his new book, I Am Ozzy.

Meredith reads an excerpt where Ozzy provides an endless list of all of the drugs he’s used to fuel his legendary addictions. Then after a little banter she tells Ozzy that in spite of all the drugs, he has a beautiful family and a beautiful home. The she asks “What’s the lesson here?” Ozzy awkwardly chuckles, “I don’t know.” It was as though she was saying, “OK, you did a lot of drugs and you should probably be dead, but no harm/no foul since your family and home are beautiful.”

In my humble opinion, the interview completely missed the mark. Anyone who has struggled with addiction will tell you that material possessions and a great family can not fill the whole in the soul that all addicts experience pre-recovery. Ozzy was given a golden opportunity to touch on this fact and his blew it.

While disappointed in the interview, I’ll probably get around to reading I Am Ozzy at some point, if only to learn whether or not he has anything to say that will carry a message of hope to those who still struggle.

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2 Responses to Ozzy Interview Misses the Mark

  1. Rebekah Sticht Hayes says:

    I’m not sure he was able to process the question and construct an answer in a live interview situation Pam. I imagine Sharon provides most of his responses. But I respect your post. 🙂

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